Catholic Churches and Homosexuality <–LINK

We have fallen, sadly, into a habit of criticizing all that is bad in every religion and church.Catholic church has been on my opinion, no exception. However, God doesn’t call us to judge, but to learn from the good things in people and events. “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” -1Thessalonians 5:21. I am not implying that we should suddenly turn catholic, but I find it imperative to exalt its virtue of holding fast to certain values. Although the catholic church has gone astray from the Word of God in many ways and still is doing so, many faithful believers out there are still fighting. Even after Pope Francis has been implying that Homosexuality is OK, The North Carolina Churches stay strong in their position against homosexuality and abortion. As I have explained in past posts, homosexuality is completely abhorred  by God, we should not in any way support it. Quitting a large council is a tough decision for a church, since it gave them many privileges and resources, but as their Bishops say, it is better to renounce those benefits than let others believe you support something you do not.

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