Public Satanists. <– LINK

With so many religions,sects, and beliefs out there it is hard to distinguish God’s people from everyone else who claims to be a true born-again Christian. However, not everyone has opted for this subtle approach to religion. Some men opt for not hiding behind a mask or claiming to be backed-up by scripture; instead, they publicly proclaim to be servants of Satan. Oklahoma state is now in the dilemma of accepting or rejecting the local heretics’ wish for a Satanic monument beside the Ten Commandment Monument in the capitol grounds. The monument is supposed to stand for the unjustly outcast and the unbelievers. Some people might be surprised at this approach. Why would anyone willingly reject a loving God? Well, many do! But very few claim it publicly. There are so many out there that have rejected the true God but still claim to work in His name. These people act in such a way so contrary to the Bible that outcasts and victims can only ask themselves if all “believers” act that way. It is them that cause men to reject the so-called God to embrace Satan, another “unjustly” outcasted being. We should today reflect on our actions and ask ourselves, how many men have stumbled because of our life?

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