The New Gospel <– LINK

John 3:16 is the Gospel. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John all tell the story of Christ, that is why we call them the gospel. However, in today’s church that gospel has been lost. It was lost among the rubish of “traditions”. People do not want traditions anymore. They want entertainment, they want fun and action. Sadly, pastors or might I say “Pastors” have given in to their requests. We see leaders encourage non-stop sex, fund raisers for money’s sake and other interesting activities that do little more than call people’s attention. God did not ask us to do that. His commandment was to go out into the nations and spread His word and populating Heaven. We should not sit around trying to get people’s attention. That is the job of god and the Holy Spirit. Instead, seek God and share the gospel with everyone you can, that way you will stop trying gimmicks to “sell” Salvation and start sharing it.

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