Sharing Burdens <РLINK

Health Sharing Ministries have opened up in the US letting Christians have an alternative to paying insurance. With Health sharing you pay monthly but instead of giving the money to a company you send it directly to a family in need, and they do the same for you when you need it. The monthly payments are almost as expensive as actually paying insurance, but you have the satisfaction of knowing your money is used by a family in need. The ministries are tax exempt since their gain is small or none. It is based on the book of acts as the first church supported its members so should today’s Christians support each other. There are of course logical limits. You must sign a contract of no smoking or extramarital sex and other activities that will obviously damage your health. The company has risks too. There is no security of having ALL your bills paid or any at that. However, you leave your needs on God’s hands and serve Him through helping your brothers with their medical bills.

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