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Some weeks ago I posted an article of a group of Satanists attempting to erect a satanist statue in the grounds of a county court. The statue was rejected, but other groups have also tried to erect their monuments. Hindus tried to place a Monkey god statue and yesterday, an atheist group appealed to the county commissioner to let them place a bench full of atheist quotes. The commissioner once again rejected the proposal even though he accepted a monument of the ten commandments to be erected. He supports his decision by saying that the county’s laws prohibit the misleading use of “incomplete” phrases such as the ones in the bench. It is true, I must say, that many atheists twist the words of famous men to make them sound atheist even though most of them claim not to be. The atheist in repercussion said that this condition was not used against the ten commandment monument, but I can assure you, the Ten Commandments Monument uses the complete phrases from the Bible not twisted versions of them. In the end they can’t defend their point and the commissioners reasons were entirely valid. We will have to wait and see what else this atheist group will attempt.

One thought on “Another Monument

  1. We will not “attempt” anything. We “will” place the atheist monument . Like I told the commissioners. The KKKhristian Supremacist Talibangelicals don’t run the show no more. It’s over with-it’s a new day.
    Ray Sparrow

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