Approving Gay Marriage  <–LINK

As we all know, homosexuals have been attaining a powerful voice in their right’s movements. Several states have already begun allowing gay marriages. Some states even foment the idea that gay couples should adopt children. Through the years gays have become less afraid of speaking up for who they believe they are and their sexual preferences. Gay rights are based on the fact that they should have the same liberty to choose who they want to marry because it is their relationship their life, and of course they claim not to hurt anyone by doing so. By this definition we could say suicide should also be legal, since after all you do not hurt anyone else. There’s also public masturbation and drug use. As long as it is a choice you make without hurting anyone but yourself than it should be legal. Of course they could say this other things hurt yourself and being gay doe not, but we all know homosexual sex can carry diseases that heterosexual sex does not easily transmit. It can be avoided by condoms but so can drug use be fought with medicine. Maybe we should make drug use legal as long as you receive treatment and then again public masturbation actually hurts nobody too. Also, the children of gay couples are influenced greatly by their “dads” into becoming homosexual too. It is an unnatural raising and in many cases has been proven to  be harmful for the child. Gay marriages should not be approved since it is against nature itself, there is a reason two men cannot procreate. It is not about equality, it is about protecting the individuals who practice it from their own harm.

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