Son of God: New Movie <–LINK

Some years ago, the world was impacted for the first Christianly faithful movie on which millions were invested, “The Passion of the Christ”. Back in that day, the movie has serious popularity. Christians all over the world were presented with a fabulous tool to share the gospel in a way more impacting than ever before. Many persons were saved and many others were confronted. However, like with any movie and belief, there were critics. Critics who rated the movie too religious, or filled with too much gore. Many years later there is a second attempt to re tell Christ’s story as best as it can. History Channel recently launched a series called The Bible and now it wants to close it with red ribbon by giving us a film that encompasses Christ’s life. Sadly, for publicity issues, Satan is suddenly taken out of the picture, but the movie can still be an impact with its main character, Christ. Once again critics launch their arguments to why this is a bad movie. Funny thing is, you hear critics about the chosen actors and the chosen scenes. These are claimed to be the top ten miracles everyone has heard about and actors that do not fit their characters. However, this is not only a movie. It is a message and this things do not affect the message as a whole. There is a reason these same miracles are mentioned in the Bible, and there is no reason to change them now since we don’t actually now all the other miracles that are not depicted in the Bible. Real criticizing should be done when movies deviate from the truth and history, but they should not be criticized for being the “same old story”. Remember it is that “same old” story that recounts your Salvation.

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