Sunday Assembly <РLINK

From November 2013 to last week, the Sunday Assembly has been having several meetings for people to come to. The Sunday Assembly is an Atheist group which makes church-like meetings where they can sing, meet new people and have scientists and speakers come talk to them. The question that inevitably arises is: why are atheists trying to have their own “church”? Well, God placed in us certain needs that we unconditionally seek to meet. Socializing is one of them. And no community is better at bonding and supporting each other than church, Christ’s church because we see each other as family. Even Atheists have this need and try to corrupt what church really is by pushing God out of it. The assembly is not an anti-god meeting. It is not for cursing or making weird rituals. It is actually a healthy meeting where people help and support each other. However, without God, this kind of “church” is simply not as productive and healthy as it could be.

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